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How to Add Friends on Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a game that is inspired by the clash of clans game. This game has become really famous among many people. A lot of things about clash royale are not aware of the users. Here are some basics of the game so it becomes easy for you to understand how to add friends on clash royale and more.

In light of the latest update to the clan battle, the number of players who play every day can be assumed to be between 75 and 80 percent. So between 120-127 million players are playing Clash Royale regularly.

How to Add Friends on Clash Royale Easily

Check out the guild member Search for the ID of your friend and select “Add Friend” you need to know their rank after which select the trophy in the middle of the shop at the bottom right-hand corner. You can then tap your way to locate the rank of your friend Then you can add him to the guild.

How do you recover a lost Clash Royale Account

Where can I find anyone on the clash Royale?

Find people by looking to find their clan. Users can be found by searching for their clan name if you are aware of it. You will not be in a position to invite them into your clan as they already belong to one. Press on the “i” button at the top of the screen. Get another game tips like how to rob a train in bitlife.

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How can you join in a clan on the game clash Royale?

To join an alliance in clash royale, you must have 3 XP levels, and then you can go to the right-hand side of the battle optioned screen. Then there is the option to search among friends and a chat option. Just create the clan’s name and then join the clan-based on your achievements.

Where can I find anyone on the clash Royale

How do you recover a lost Clash Royale Account?

First Step: Launch Clash Royale, go to the Settings menu and then choose Help and Support.

Second Step: Within the menu”Help and Support Click the Contact Us button located on the top-right screen.

Third Step. Make use of the form to reach the game’s support:

I’m unable to locate an option for the Contact Us button.

Can elders accept new clan members

Can elders accept new clan members?

There are four roles that a Clan can have which include: Elder, Member Co-Leader, Leader, and Member. This is the standard position when joining the clan. Elders are the first stage of advancement. They can kick members every 20 minutes. They can also invite or admit players to join the Clan however, they are not in a position to alter the Clan settings.

What is an older person in Clash Royale?

Elder is the term used to describe players who aren’t ranking in the game. They invite others to join your clan. Co-Leader-Cans make members elders and co-leaders. They may demote elders to members. They can also kick elders as well as members.