How to Appear Offline Discord

How to Appear Offline Discord mondoltech
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If you would like to appear offline to anyone who isn’t your friend, you will need to click the gear icon at the top right of your Discord client and go into the “Notifications” tab. You can scroll down until you see two options that say “From Everyone” & “From Friends.” If you switch them both off, no one will be able to chat with you unless they are on your friend’s list.

This is useful if someone cannot talk due to them being in class for example but still wants people to know that they are online. It also allows you to appear offline just to one person. If you have someone that bothers you all the time or is being annoyed for example, but they are not worth getting a friend blocked from, you can switch off “From Everyone” and only allow them to talk to you if they are on your friend’s list by turning on “From Friends.”

TL;DR – Switching off both “From Everyone” & “From Friends” will make it so other people can’t talk to you unless they’re on your friend’s list.

Turn off Discord Notification

Sometimes discord notifications can be really annoying. I’m going to personally show you how to turn off discord notifications.

Turn off Discord Notification

Discord is a voice and text chat app for gamers. It’s available on both Windows, Android, iPhone, and Linux systems. The setup process is pretty easy too!

To access the setting to turn off your Discord notifications make sure you are logged into discord first

1.) Go to “User Settings”  in the upper right-hand corner  of the server list in Discord

2.) Click on Notifications

3.) You’ll be directed to this screen here

where you can toggle what notifications Discord gives you. (None – Just friends, Guilds / Servers (default) Friends & Guilds (I would suggest this), etc)

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What if I see my name greyed out? Does that mean I’m offline? No, means that you were removed from the conversation.

What if I mess up and select Offline instead of away?

Happens all the time, don’t sweat it.

What if I mess up and select Offline instead of away

Where can I see my friends list?

Easy! Just open Discord and hit ctrl+shift+i to open the dev tools window, then go to the “resources” tab at the top left > click on “friendsList” in the sidebar on the left > right-click anywhere in that column and choose “inspect element.”

Now you’re free to change your status as much as you want without getting banned or timed out for spamming because you just need to refresh our page to update that timestamp.

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