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How to Breed Pandas in Minecraft

Pandas can be described as rare neutral creatures in Minecraft which spawn in small groups of 1-2 on grass blocks within the jungle biomes, with bamboos around. They may spawn with one of the characters: normal, nervous, playful and aggressive, weak or brown. Each one has its own unique characteristics which distinguish them from others. For breeding pandas, make sure that there are at minimum eight bamboo blocks within a 5-block radius around the pandas.

Pandas who are babies and get into love aren’t a problem to players. Pandas that are adults remain neutral players.

Breeding pandas need a bit more work than other species. Bamboo is a must which is found only in jungle ecosystems. However, for pandas to go into the love phase, they have to be within a radius of five blocks of an 8-block height bamboo.

types of pandas in minecraft

After this, ensure that you’ve created an ensconced animals farm where the pandas cannot escape from.

Both versions are accessible: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition. They have a variety of personalities, each with unique attributes that differentiate them from other versions. This guide will explain everything you should learn regarding Pandas on Minecraft.

Where to Find Pandas in Minecraft

Pandas are rare animals that can be found only in two environments which are forests and bamboo forests. The most interesting thing lies in the fact Pandas are rare in common forests, yet they are abundant among bamboo trees, regardless of their uniqueness.

Where to Find Pandas in Minecraft

Pandas are timid creatures that won’t harm themselves until they are first threatened. Even if an infant in the vicinity and a gamer is attempting to get the cub, Pandas will not become violent, as do Polar Bears.

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Bamboo has been identified as Pandas’ principal food source in Minecraft because it’s easy to grow and produces a wide variety of things in a relatively short duration.

A cake made of eggs, wheat, milk, and sugar placed on a table could as well be utilized to feed the Panda. To lure the Panda to eat the cake, the Cake, as well as Bamboo, will induce the animal into an era of breeding.

How To Breed Pandas

Step 1: Give each Panda one slice of Bamboo to place them in the breeding phase. However, this can only be done only if Bamboo is already growing in the region.
Step 2: Bamboo plants can be sown wherever and then allowed to develop. It’s also possible to pack more pieces of plant material into a seedling, making it grow on a branch dynamically.
Step 3: To allow the Pandas to be able to enter the mating stage it must be at minimum eight pieces of Bamboo within the vicinity of the Pandas, and a maximum distance of five blocks in the vicinity of the Pandas.

How To Breed Pandas

Step 4: Bears can still be able to recognize players’ Bamboo offer even if they don’t have enough Bamboo close by, however they won’t reproduce after they’ve eaten.


Pandas are unique creatures that be found in Minecraft due to a variety of reasons, but the process that allows their breeding process to occur is among the main reasons why they stand out from other mobs. There are many different versions of pandas and they are different from all other animals that you meet. If you’re planning to introduce pandas to the region, then here’s how you can breed them.

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While the majority of animal mobs are easily bred by offering the two members a particular food item, pandas must be within a certain zone to be able to breed. The first requirement is two pandas as usual, and at least eight bamboo blocks in a 5-block area the pandas live within. The more bamboo surrounding them the greater chance they’ll be willing to reproduce. Set them in a small enclosed area to have the best chances of doing this. If you don’t possess enough bamboo blocks around them, they’ll try to strike you in the event that you are playing Survival.

Once you’ve got your pandas in the right quantity of bamboo you can give both of them bamboo and they will begin to fall in love. When hearts start flying out of them, they’ll be able to unite and create the baby panda. The behavior of the baby panda will depend on the characteristics its parents possess.