How to Call on Instagram

How to Call on Instagram mondoltech
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Instagram is a social media that allows you to call your friend and communicate in other ways. The calling quality using the Instagram app is very good and millions of people around the globe are using this for communication services. Instagram has two kinds of calling options, one is video call and the other is audio call. We will show you how to call on Instagram in both ways.

Calling has become very easy these days. People from different countries are calling each other using different platforms. Social media apps have become so advanced that it allows you to call someone with many features. Instagram didn’t use to allow direct audio calling but in its recent update, you will be able to do an audio call to your friend.

Users of Instagram are getting increase day by day. As the audience of this platform is gaining, it keeps updating their feature and people are really liking it. You can attend a group call or a personal call on Instagram. In the calling menu, you will see the mute option, video disable/enable, filters, and more. These are the feature for the assessability of users.

Calling in Instagram

You can call anyone who is connected to you on Instagram. if someone doesn’t block you there, you are always able to make a call to them. Here’s how you are going to call them.

  • Open instagram app on your android or iOS Device.
  • Search for the profile that you want to call.
  • You can also go to the conversation of that account if you have texted him before.
  • You will see “Message” option in the profile.
  • Tap on that and you will see calling button in the top of the menu.
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Video and audio both calling features are available there.

Instagram audio call


Why don’t I get an audio calling feature on Instagram?

  • This is a feature that is provided to the app recently. All the android users didn’t get the features yet. As soon as instagram serves updates for all the device, you will get it.

Why can’t I call a specific person?

  • There are some conditions that will prevent you to call a person in instagram. If someone blocks you on instagram, you won’t be able to call him. Sometime a user account get suspended and that is also the reason for not able to call that person.

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Calling people online is a very common way to communicate these days. Every social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, skype has the feature of calling. use the latest version of Instagram to enjoy all the latest features it.

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