How to Skip Songs with Airpods Every Gen

How to Skip Songs with Airpods Every Gen mondoltech

We all know that AirPods is a great innovation of apple. This device is used by a lot of people who are using iOS. Android users also love to have an AirPods. Luckily, this device works great on both operating systems. Like other earphones, you can also control songs on AirPods. Let’s know how to skip songs with AirPods as many times as you want. Not only skipping, Turning up/down the volume, pausing the song and all the other things are possible with AirPods. Also, fix AirPods Not Playing Sound Solution for any Device with simple control

Airpods have a force sensor on them and you can control audio using that. There is only one sensor but it allows you to perform multiple actions. It doesn’t have any buttons like traditional earphones which makes it cooler than others. The sensor is not visible from the outside but it’s there. A person who doesn’t know about it will never find it out.

How to Skip Songs with AirPods

The easiest way to skip songs in AirPods is by tapping on the force sensor. You can skip forward or skip back using the sensor.

  • Double-tap the sensor for a quick skip forward on AirPods.
  • Tripple tap on the sensor to skip backward.

The tap area is decent and it’s very responsive. Apple never compromises the quality of its software that’s why you can use it very easily. This trick will work on every gen of AirPods.

How to Skip Songs with Airpods

There is another way to skip songs in AirPods, you can simply ask Siri using the voice command and it will let you control your audio fully.

How to Pause Songs With AirPods

Pausing song is also possible with the AirPods force sensor. This device can resume and pause audio without letting your smartphone awake.

  • Tap on the force sensor once while the audio is playing and it will be a pause.
  • Tap again on it and the song will resume.
How to Pause Songs With AirPods

You can try the new transparency mode of apple AirPods so you don’t have to pause every time someone shouts at you. It let you listen from the device and also the sound outside.

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All these settings are applicable for both android and iOS users. AirPods provide the same facility for both. People like to lead their life handier. AirPods is the best wireless sound device we have. It’s getting better day by day. The device is far more advanced than most of its competitors.

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