Mouse Left Click Not Working Error Solved (Multiple Method)

Mouse Left Click Not Working Error Solved (Multiple Method)

A mouse is one of the smartest input devices for computers. We can operate almost everything using a mouse. A general mouse has a left-click button, right-click button, scroll button. All these keys are important and all mouses have these. What if the mouse left click not working on your device. It will be really annoying for a user to face such errors. Left-click button is the most used among all the other buttons on the mouse.

If you are sure that your mouse has no external problem and the device is ready to use, there must be some technical issue happens in your windows computer. This error can occur for a lot of reasons and we got a few fixes for them. These tricks will help you to fix your mouse click error permanently.

Fix Mouse Left Click Not Working Methods

Mouse click error can be in your device for many reasons. There is no official option in windows computer to fix this but here are some tricks that will help you to get rid of this.

Update Mouse Driver

Windows computer has driver software for every device it’s connected to. You have to update the driver application for the mouse so it might start working again. Follow these steps below to update the mouse driver and get left-click workable.

  • Open Device manager on your windows computer.
  • You can sarch for it in start menu or right click on it to get “Device Manager”.
  • You will be able to select options using your “Right-Click” button also.
  • Now find your mouse device in the list.
  • Hit “Enter” from your keyboard.
  • You will see all the available option for mouse driver.
  • Click on “Update Driver” and it will start updating.
update mouse driver for click error solution

Restart your computer and see if your mouse right-clicks start working or not.

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Security Software/ Antivirus Disable

This happens many times that your antivirus application blocks your left click button for security reasons. There are many conditions that apply by any antivirus to your computer, Somehow it may disable your left click button. It may suspects you as another user to the computer that doesn’t have permission to access the left click button. Popular Antivirus like avast, Norton users don’t face this error that much.

Open the tray of your Windows computer and find the antivirus you are using. Right-click on it and select disable. You can always enable your antivirus using the same way.

disable antivirus for mouse problem solved

Uninstall Recently Installed App

If you are facing this click error right after installing a new app on your computer, that app might be the culprit for having this trouble.

  • Go to “Settings” on your computer and find “Apps”.
  • Find the app you installed recently and uninstall it.

You may need to uninstall multiple apps if it’s still not working.

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Change User

The user account you are using to access a windows computer can be corrupted. Change the user and try to use the left click button again on your mouse. You can create a new user if you don’t have multiple users on your computer.

  • Open Settings and go to “Accounts”.
  • Choose “Add someone else to the PC” option and create new user.
  • Login to your computer using new user now.

Check if you are now able to use the left click from your mouse or not.

mouse keyboard touchpad not working


How to check if the mouse has some problem or not?

  • Plug another mouse on your computer and see if the new one is working or not. If it’s working then your device has some problem. Change it or repair it.
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What if there is a problem with the mouse plugged in the port?

  • There are multiple ports available on computer. You can change the USB port and see if the mouse start working or not.


Having trouble with the mouse left click is really irritating. This becomes really horrible when you need to do some important work on your computer and the mouse left click stops working. There are no alternatives on the keyboard for the left click of the mouse.

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