How to Reverse a Youtube Playlist Using Chrome

How to Reverse a Youtube Playlist Using Chrome

Youtube playlist is a helpful feature that is used by a lot of users. Sometimes a single video won’t be enough to clear a topic. Some lectures, series, academy classes are created on a playlist so it becomes easy for those people who watched it. We can organize songs/ stories/ informative videos from different categories in a playlist. This feature made it easy for us to use youtube. A playlist can be created on Android, iOS, desktop computers. Any device that supports playing youtube videos.

Your playlist always saves on your google account. As we all know youtube is an app by google and you can save all your data on youtube on your google account. The playlist also saves on your google account. You will find your youtube playlist on every device on where your google device has signed in.

Reverse a YouTube Playlist

Sometimes we need to reverse our youtube playlist for many causes. let’s see the simplest way to reverse a youtube playlist on the google chrome browser.

  • Install “Reverse YouTube Playlistextension on your chrome browser.
  • Click on “Add to Chrome” on the extension page, it will take a few seconds to added.
  • Now open youtube on the browser and access to the playlist you want to reverse.
  • You will see a “Reverse Playlist” button along “Shuffle Playlist” & “Loop Playlist”.
  • Clicking on the “Reverse Playlist” will make it upside down.
google chrome extension for reverse a youtube playlist

That’s how you are able to make your youtube playlist reverse.

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How does extension works?

  • Browser extenstion is an additional feature for every browser. It assests the user with some special functunallity. Most of the browser these days are having extensions. There are a lot of extension available in the store but you should only use those what you actullay need. More extension you add on your browser, the more appliation become heavy. Popular browser like google chrome, mozila firefox has a lot of extension for it’s users.
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Can I Reverse the youtube playlist using a mobile device?

  • Unfortunatly there are no way to install extension or any other way to perform the reverse action. But if you do that from your computer, it will also work on any device that are signed in with your google account.


Having an organized playlist is very useful for a user to watch videos peacefully. Many people are used to with playlist only. They don’t want to watch single youtube videos. So it’s important for them to know about all the tricks and tips about the youtube playlists.

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