How To Unhide A Song On Spotify Playlist

How To Unhide A Song On Spotify Playlist

Spotify is a global music streaming service that is available for web, android, and desktop applications. You will get all kinds of music and songs here. Almost all the artists around the world will be found on Spotify. You can create a playlist on Spotify to organize your songs and music, You can also hide and unhide a song on Spotify playlist. Let’s see how you will do it.

A playlist on Spotify helps the person to listen to a specific list of music. You can have multiple playlists for multiple music genres. We may don’t like to share our playlist or a single song from the playlist. Deleting the song from the playlist is not a good idea. You can always hide a song from the playlist and unhide it anytime you want.

Some people do understand how to hide a song but later can’t unhide it and he has to find that song by searching every time he wants to listen to that. Unhiding a song is easy on Spotify and anyone can do that. You can apply the setting anytime you want.

Unhide A Song On Spotify Playlist

All the items you hide on Spotify gather in one place. You will be able to unhide them all from the same place. Here’s how you are going to do that.

  • Open your spotify account and navigate to the curated playlist where you want to unhide a song.
  • Find the song that you have hide, you will find that here.
  • Tap/ click on the “Three-dot” icon near the song.
  • Uncheck the “hidden” option.

If you forget which of these songs are hidden, you will find the song in gray color. Also, a minus symbol appears on the hidden song.

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Hide A Song On Spotify Playlist

In case you don’t know how to hide songs on Spotify, here’s the way of doing that.

  • Open your spotify account and go to the playlist from where you want to hide songs.
  • Find the song and click on the “Three-dot” menu near it.
  • You will get the hide option for the song.
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Hiding a song doesn’t delete it from your playlist. The song remains there and you can unhide it anytime.

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What Device can I use to hiding the Spotify playlist?

  • You can use any smart device that has a option for internet. If you can login to your account, you will be able to hide and unhide playlist.
how to find hidden songs on spotify 2021

How long the song remains on the hiding list on Spotify?

  • The song will remain in the hiding list forever untill you unhide it manually. There are no automatic method for geting it back on regular playlist.


Everyone has his own privacy. Having a customized playlist is one of the cool features of Spotify. It let you privatize yourself on Spotify. Some people get embarrassed while sharing their Spotify playlist. By hiding, they will not have to prevent someone from seeing their playlist

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