What Does no Location Found Mean on iPhone

What Does no Location Found Mean on iPhone mondoltech

Location service is one of the coolest features on iOS devices. People can take a lot of advantages of this. We use location many times in a day. Sometimes you see the error “no location found”. Let’s see what does no location found means on iOS devices and what are the problem you are gonna face when it’s turned off.

When you get a location error on your device, you will be not always able to know that it’s not working. After using a service that requires location, you will understand that your device is going through the error. Many iPhone users went through this and struggled a lot.

What does no location found mean on iOS

If an app needs permission to access your location and it’s not able to do that, it will show you the error of location not found. It may ask for permission first. There can be several reasons for not accessing the location of your iOS device. Some of them can be fixed easily and some of them are hard to find.

Reason for No Location Found

We analyzed the problem and found multiple reasons for accruing the error. Here are them

Reason for No Location Found

GPS Permission

When the app doesn’t have permission for accessing GPS or it’s turned off for some security reason, you will see the error. GPS permission can be turned off for the whole device or an individual app.

Up to Date Apps

Keep your apps up to date so your security settings get the latest permission. Not only apps, but you should also keep the phone updated every time if you are not getting error checking for updates.

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How to Fix Location Error on iOS

Make sure your GPS system is working fine on the device, either non of the tricks will work.

  • You can simply restart your phone.
  • Update to the latest iOS version and all the apps.
  • Reset permission for all the apps.
How to Fix Location Error on iOS


Location is a very important feature nowadays. We use it very often. Getting errors in the service is a big hassle for many people. Hope you get what does no location mean and the solution to get rid of it. Old version of iOS users faces the error but the latest users are safe.

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