What is a Snap Score & How to Increase it

What is a Snap Score & How to Increase it mondoltech

In the world of social media, Snapchat is really popular among young and middle-aged people as well. It has so many features that excite people to use it more and more. If you are a new user of Snapchat then you probably think that what is a snap score and how does it work? Other social media like Facebook, Instagram don’t have this feature but Snapchat does.

A lot of question comes on the mind of a Snapchat user like how to use this snap score, how to increase it and many more. We will try to explain all about the Snapchat score and additional things about it in this article.

What is Snap Score in Snapchat?

Basically snap score is a point that a user gets referring to his activity on Snapchat. The more activity you have on Snapchat, the more snap score you will get. This depends on the four major activities of Snapchat.

  1. Snap Sent to your friend
  2. Snapchat Story Post
  3. Snap You got from friends
  4. Other activity.

You have to maintain all the activity properly in order to gain a great snap score. This score will refresh after a few days or a week.

how to increase snap score

Where do I get my score?

Snap Score is just a point that shows your activity count on Snapchat. You will find your snap score in your profile section. There is an avatar option for every snap user. A number is shown to the near bottom of that avatar. That number is the snap score of that user.

Snapchat Scores are divided into two types. One is the snap you are receiving and another is the snap you have sent. The scores depend on many other activities but these two are major among them. The left side number on Snapchat is the received amount of your snap and the right side is the sending amount.

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Ways to Get More Snap Score

The only way of getting more snap scores is to spend more time on Snapchat. When you send a lot of snaps every day then you will probably receive a lot of snaps as well. Posting stories, reacting to others’ story and all the other activities will count on snap score increasing matter.

Creating exciting content will give you more engagement on Snapchat and that is also a good strategy to gain more scores in Snapchat. Good content attracts other users and they will send you snaps for that, React to your story and perform many other activities.

Where do I get my score


Spending a lot of time on social media makes you popular on that media. Snap Score is just a way of keeping the user excited about that thing. Snapchat is a simple social platform that allows you to connect with people around the globe in just one click. Hope you understand what is a snap score in Snapchat and you will be able to increase it now.

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