Fix Windows 10 Slideshow Background not Working

Fix Windows 10 Slideshow Background not Working

If you are a Windows computer user you may know about windows 10 and used it once at least. Windows 10 has a cool feature that is slideshow background images. What this thing do is keep changing your desktop wallpaper after a specific time. You can set that time and control all the images/ photos on that slideshow. Some people complain that widows 10 slideshow background not working on their device. We will give a solution to that problem.

Windows 10 comes with a lot of cool features and multiple background image is one of them. Some people can manage to set sliding background images and config them but not all can do it properly. Let’s get to know the process of applying background photos

Windows 10 Slideshow Background Apply

For having multiple image for a slideshow you need to download all the images and keep them in a folder of your computer. You can’t select images from different places and make a slideshow background for your windows 10 computer. Keep them organized in one single folder.

Now go to “Personalize” from the settings or right-click on your desktop and choose “Personalize”. Navigate to “Background” from the left menu. You will be there by default. You will see a drop-down menu in the background area. Click on that and choose “Slideshow”.

Now you will see an option for browsing on your computer. Click on the “browse” option and choose the folder that has all the images you organized before.

windows 10 photos slideshow not working

You will see another dropdown that says “Change Picture In” and you can choose the time period for every photo change in your windows 10 computer. There are shuffle options available for seeing all the background images in random ways.

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If the windows 10 slideshow background not working on your device, make sure you have all the photos still available on the folder and you have applied the method step by step. For a more bug-free experience, update your windows to the latest version.


What version of windows 10 has this sliding background image feature?

  • You will get this cool feature in any version of windows 10 you have installed on your computer. Windows 11 also have this option and you can enable it in the same way.

Is it available for the previous versions like Windows 7,8?

  • No, you won’t get this feature in windows 7 or windows 8. This comes with windows 10 and windows 11 only.
desktop background slideshow not working windows


You can get trouble using sliding/multiple wallpapers in your windows 10 computer. Sometimes that doesn’t work properly. Make sure you have followed the process properly and using the latest version of windows. Always update your windows computer for the best experience.

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