How To Clear Discord Cache & Free Space

How To Clear Discord Cache & Free Space

Discord is a platform that people start liking and using very much these days. It gives you many ways to communicate with people with different methods. Some spend a lot of time of their day here. Sometimes we notice that discord grabs a lot of storage from our device. Let’s know how to clear discord cache and get rid of unwanted space blocks. Free up your device and use your storage as you want.

We use discord on different devices. All those devices have limited storage. We share a lot of media like photos, videos, GiF, and more on discord. These files are stored on our devices. Some of these files are useful for us, some or not. After using discord for a lot of time, we feel it’s taking a lot of GBs from our device. This can harm other social media like Instagram couldn’t load activity, Facebook loading error, and many more. We are here to solve this problem of yours.

Clear Discord Cache Methods

We can clean cache from our windows computer using a few ways. All these methods work properly for all the windows operating systems. You can apply any of these that seems easy for you.

Windows Application Method

If you are using the discord windows app then try this method and clear all the data from your device.

  • Click on the “Start” button and search for “%appdata%”.
  • An folder named “%appdata” will appear on the front.
  • It can take a few seconds to appear depending on your computer specification.
  • Click on that folder and you will see a lot of folders named after those programs that installed on your computer.
  • Find “Discord” folder from here and open it by double click.
  • Delete everything inside that folder.
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You can choose to see the properties of that folder by right click on it. So you got an idea of what’s actually taking space from your device.

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Web Browser Method

Some people use discord by web browsers like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other web browsers on their computer. Here is the method for clear cache from web browsers of discord.

cache clean on android device
  • Open the browser.
  • Press and hold “Ctrl+Shift+Del” button and you will see a pop up menu on your computer.
  • check the cache box from the bottom and click on the “clear data” button.

This process will work for both google chrome and Mozilla Firefox users. These are the most popular web browser that people use on Windows computers.

Discord Cache Clear in Android

Android devices have the option to clear cache from every app that is installed in them. Most people know how to do it. Let’s see the process for it.

  • Open settings and go to app manager.
  • Find discord app from here.
  • Tap on that and go to “Storage”.
  • Choose clear cache from here and that’s it.
Windows Application Method

All the data of the discord android app will be gone. By performing this action, your account will be signed out and you have to log in again with your username and password.

Discord Cache Clear iPhone/ iOS

Cleaning cache from iPhone or iOS is a bit tricky. That trick won’t work most of the time. You can simply uninstall the discord app from your iOS device and download it from AppStore again. In that way, all the cache will be deleted.

ios device cache clear discord


Do I lose any chats on Discord by clearing cache?

  • No, all your chats and media will be available on the discord web. You just need internet connection to access them.
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How often can I clear cache from Discord?

  • You can clear cache from discord as many time as you want. One thing that you have to keep on mind, you will be logged out from discord whenever you clear the cache.


Having massy storage is never good for any device. By sharing a lot of data on discord, your device can slow down when its storage is almost full. Keep your device storage free to get the best performance from it.

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