How To Do Custom Coding On WordPress

WordPress makes website building easy. Many people don’t know any web programming language and still build websites with the help of WordPress. This won’t help you create a website only, you can also maintain it very easily. WordPress has a lot of themes and plugins available for free and paid also. You can do almost everything for designing your website with the help of WordPress. So if you are planning to build a website that attracts visitors to read your blog or give information you can do with it.

Though you got so many features to design your website, you still have limitations on that. No matter you are using a free/paid theme or plugin, you will always run out of customization. Putting custom code on site is the only option to customize your website as you want. That can be HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP code. WordPress gives you a built-in option to add codes to your website. You can also install plugins to customize the code more.

Having full control of your website design is always a pleasure. Custom code will give you the freedom of doing that. WordPress is already giving you a lot of options to maintain your content as you want yet you need some medication that is not available on the plugin or theme. Sometimes you need to install a plugin for simple work that can be done with a line of code. Installing separate plugins for single tasks will make your website heavy. Try to use the least plugin for a fast WordPress website.

Custom Coding on WordPress

As there are multiple languages are available to add to your WordPress site, you have to know all about them. We are going to discuss all of it.

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You can put HTML code using the classic editor or the Gutenberg editor of WordPress. The updated version of WordPress has a Gutenberg editor built-in. You can simply click on a block>> Click the three-dot menu and select the “Edit as HTML” option to add HTML to your WordPress website.

Classic editor users have two options for editing content. One is Visual and the other is text. You can put HTML code on the text area and it will work. This is applicable for post, page, and custom fields also.

wordpress html editor plugin

Another popular page builder like Elementor, Visual composer/ wp bakery, Divi has the option for adding custom HTML also. You will get the custom HTML option for free. You don’t need to purchase the premium version of any builder.

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CSS & JavaScript

Adding CSS is also easy with WordPress. All the theme has customization option available. You will find that in “Appearence>> Customize”. Go there and at the bottom, you will see the “Custom CSS” option. here you can put a CSS for any page of your website.

The problem with the built-in CSS customization is, it will disappear after theme update or changing the theme. This can be really harmful to your website because there is no way you are getting those CSS codes back. You can download the “Custom CSS and JS” plugin to add CSS to your website. You can add multiple CSS and JS and name themes differently to have a great organization. It has millions of downloads so you can trust it.


Adding PHP code to your WordPress website is risky but it’s possible to add. You can go to “Appearance>> theme editor” to add a PHP code. Take a backup before adding a PHP code because it can ruin your full website.

wordpress plugin for code snippet


Should I use custom code for WordPress?

  • If a design doesn’t make a major problem in your website, you should not make any custom code to it. Adding lot of codes can make your website heavy and that’s bad for the performance issue of your website. Always try to have minimum code on your website.
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Internal CSS or External CSS? Which is Better?

  • Internal CSS are not good for wordpress website. It blocks more space and drop performance of website. You should write external css for your HTML code.

Can I overwrite the code?

  • You can always overwrite css, HTML or javascript but we suggest you not to do that. This can be a reason for site error and also slower the website. The least code it has, the more fast the website is.


Custom code is a thing for expert programmers. You should not add any code if you are not aware of that. If the code misbehaves, it will break your site layout. We all want a responsive website and WordPress is ensuring us that. Always use updated plugins for your website. Use the latest version of PHP. HTML and CSS code.

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