How to Delete Twitch Clips in One Click

If you are known for streaming, you probably heard about twitch. This is one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world. Many streamers build their career on here. You will get a good audience on twitch if you have a good content idea for the viewers. Western countries’ streamers mostly have channels on twitch. Youtube streaming is left by a lot of steamers. Twitch is helpful for newcomers who just created a channel and want to build their profession on streaming. Sometimes, new users, we put wrong clips and don’t know how to delete clips on twitch. This blog will help you to get rid of this problem.

The Twitch community is quite big for any type of audience that you want. It will be easier for any channel creator to have a decent amount of visitors if he creates good content. Twitch is growing day by day and the number of users is also increasing here. Many people are getting aware of this streaming platform. As it is new to some users, they don’t know all its features.

twitch clips delete using computer

Being in a community helps you to learn a lot of things. Twitch can help you be in a helpful community and grow your skill. You can also use this platform as entertainment media. The more time you spend here, you will get to learn more about its features.

Delete Twitch Clips

Twitch can be used on a web browser, mobile app, desktop app, or on a mac device. All these devices will provide you every feature available on twitch. You can delete twitch clips using any of the smart devices. You just need a good internet connection.

  • Go to twitch app and login to your account.
  • Open your profile from top right corner of the screen.
  • On your profile click, you will see “Dashboard” option here, click on that and it will open your twitch dashboard immidiatly.
  • You will get all the avilable control on your dashboard, you can customize your profile and maintain others settings from the dashboard.
  • Scroll down on the dashboard and you will get clips option here.
  • Choosing “clips” will let you view all the clips at one place.
  • Select the clips that you want to delete or remove from your account permanently.
  • After selecting, click on the trash bin icon on the top.
twitch streaming on mobile

That’s it. All the clips that you have selected to the trash bin. It will give you a warning before you delete them or move them to the trash bin. double-check before you delete clips on twitch.

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Can I Recover deleted clips on twitch?

  • No, once you delete a video clip on twitch you won’t be able to have it back. So be careful before you delete a clip. don’t make wrong deccsions or any mistake while doing that.

Can I delete multiple twitch clips at one time?

  • Yes, you can delete as many clips as you want at once. Just select all the twitch clips at once and tap on trash bin to remove them all.


Getting used to twitch will help you in the future. Twitch is evolving very quickly and it will reach all the people around the globe very soon. A simple clip twitch can be essential for a lot of people. Take control of your account and maintain it as you want.

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