How to Reset Galaxy Buds Step by Step Guide

How to Reset Galaxy Buds Step by Step Guide mondoltech

Galaxy buds are really popular among all the earbuds available on market. As it’s coming from Samsung itself, it’s working with all the Samsung Galaxy devices and other smartphones as well. Build quality and sound quality are also great for these buds. In any case, if you want to know how to reset galaxy buds, that’s really simple. Today we are going to learn all about the Samsung galaxy buds resetting process.

Your galaxy buds can misbehave sometimes or you could change your device for buds. In that time the buds will be required to factory reset. Applying reset in general and factory reset is different. We are gonna show how to reset in both ways.

How to Reset Galaxy Buds in General

If you just want to reset the buds and connect it to the same device again, here’s what you will need to do. Follow these steps and you will be able to reset your galaxy buds

How to Reset Galaxy Buds in General
  • Keep both galaxy buds in the case and close the lid of it.
  • Let it be there for 10 seconds.
  • Remove those buds from the case.

The device will automatically reconnect to the buds after you do that. That’s how a galaxy buds restart if you don’t want to change the device.

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Galaxy Buds Factory Reset

In some cases, your galaxy buds can misbehave or trouble connecting to your device. Sometimes you want to connect your buds to another device also. In all these situations, you need to factory reset your Samsung galaxy buds. The process of doing that is also very easy. Follow these steps below

  • Download the Galaxy Wearableapp from the google play store if you are using it on an android device.
  • For iOS users, download the Samsung Galaxy Buds app from the app store.
  • Go to the app first.
  • Tap on “About Earbud”.
  • Choose “Reset Earbud”
  • Confirm the reset command and it will factory reset your buds.
Galaxy Buds Factory Reset

This is the only and easiest way to reset any galaxy buds.

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About Galaxy Buds

Galaxy buds is an earbud from Samsung that plays music wirelessly. User review for this product from Samsung is mostly positive. The sound and build of this device are great. It’s giving tough competition to other earbuds with this price range. It can be used with all android and iOS devices. Connectivity of it is really quick.


An Earbuds does not store a lot of data from your device that’s why resetting the galaxy buds won’t be risky for you. it just removes the device from your buds and reset all settings. You can redo the settings from the app on your mobile also.

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