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How to Remove Profile Picture from Google Account & Use Default

How to Remove Profile Picture from Google Account & Use Default

Most of us have a profile picture on our google account. Everyone wants his best photo to be a DP for every social account. Some people might not like to have a profile photo on their google account and want to change it to default. We are going to show you how to remove profile picture from google account using a computer, android, and iOS. You will have a default profile picture on your account after doing that.

We can choose a photo from our device while creating a google account. Many people don’t put any and they see a default profile photo that is the first character of their name. You can wish to change that picture anytime you want or keep it as it is. We see the same image in all our google related apps like Google Play Store, YouTube, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail, Hangouts, and more. Changing profile picture will affect them all.

Remove Profile Picture from Google Account to Default

You can perform this action with any smart device you have. We are going to show you how you will change your profile picture to the default one in your google account using a computer, android, and iOS.

Computer Method

If you are using a computer to access your google account, here’s what you need to do for removing profile picture using it.

  • Open a web browser in your computer (Google Chrome, Mozila Firefoz, Microsoft Edge or any of them)
  • Go to your google account by using this link (Sign in to your account if not signed in before).
  • Click on the “Personal Info” from left sidebar menu.
  • You will see “Photo” on the top of “Basic info” area here.
  • Click on your current photo and it will let you remove or change your profile picture.
  • You can choose photo from your device or your google drive.
delete profile photo using mac and desktop

All the windows and mac computer users can follow the same process for changing their profile picture to default. This will work on all of them.

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Android Method

For those people who want to do it with their android device, follow these steps below.

  • Open “Settings” in your android phone.
  • Scroll down and go to “Google”.
  • Tap on “Manage Google Account” and go to “Personal Info” tab.
  • Here you will see your photo, tap on that and delete it.
  • You can also change your profile photo from here.

All versions of android will be work using the same process.

iOS/ Apple Devices

Here is the method for all the iOS users for deleting profile picture of their google account and set to default one.

  • Open Gmail app on your iPhone/ iPad.
  • Tap on your current profile picture from the top right.
  • Navigate to “Personal” tab from here.
  • Scroll down to bottom and go to “About me” section.
  • Tap on your profile picture and you will be able to change it or remove it.
about me google account

All iOS users can follow the same process for deleting their profile picture.


How many times can I change my profile picture?

  • You have advantage of removing or changing your profile photo for google account as many time as you want. There are not limitation on it.

What is the recommended size for a profile photo in a google account?

size for profile picture in google account
  • Google prefers 180px x 180 px photo size for profile photo but you can use any square size photo and crop it. If you have a photo with different width and height, you will need to crop from the photo so always try to use square size good resolution photos.
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Everyone has the freedom to choose privacy online. Not all people are comfortable putting their own photo on google account so nobody can see them. Someone also wants to delete their profile picture for some days for some reason.