How to Turn Off Text to Speech/ Talkback in Android

Text to speech is an old android feature that is known as talkback. Very few people use this feature on their android devices. Most of the time people mistakenly enable talkback. They don’t know how to turn off text to speech and it bothers them very much. This feature can be really annoying for some of the users. Sometimes people turn it on while setting up a new device or by shortcut command.

Android tries to push the talkback feature to the users. That’s why it gives you suggestions for enabling text to speech in many ways. If a user curiously taps on the “Enable” button, the feature will imminently turn on to the android device. After that, the touch command will be changed on your device and you may not be able to give the command properly to your device.

It becomes really hard for a user to navigate to the settings and turn off text to speech from their android device. This article will help you to know the way of turning off the feature and the command for navigating to the setting. Read the article properly to have a solution to this tricky problem. Talkback can be found on most android devices even very old ones also.

Turn Off Text to Speech/ Talkback on Android

When text to speech is enabled on your device, your single tap will not work for a command. A few methods will help you disable talkback or text to speech on your android device.

talkback feature on android device

Shortcut Key

You can simply use a shortcut command to disable talkback on your android device. Here’s what you need to do about that.

  • Press and hold both volume button of your android device for a few seconds.
  • A pop up will appear on your screen.
  • Again press and hold those buttons for a few seconds and the feature will be disabled.
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if you are having an issue with your physical buttons, you can try an alternative method. Sometimes the button doesn’t work if you didn’t enable it from assessability settings.

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Manual Disable

You can manually disable text to speech or talkback features from your device using your phone settings. You won’t be able to tap and select the option when talkback is enabled. Double select an option while this setting is applied.

  • Open settings of your android phone.
  • Go to assestibility settings. You can search for that in setting serach bar if you don’t find it.
  • Navigate to “Talkback” and disable the feature.

All the android devices have different places for accessibility settings. You can always find that by searching. There is a lot of custom UI based on android and all of these are different from each other.

Google Voice Assistant

You can simply use the google voice assistant to turn off the talkback or text to speech on your android device. Make sure you did not turn off google voice assistant before acting.

google voice assistant command
  • Say “Hey Google”.
  • After the google voice assistance screen pops up say “turn off talkback”.

That’s it. Google will turn off the text to speech or talkback feature from your android device.

What is Text to Speech/ Talkback?

Talkback is a feature that says a word when you click on something. If you click on “Setting” it will say it by the speaker of your phone instead of taking you to the setting. You have to double-tap on the setting to access it. This is a helpful feature for a few users but most of the time it’s not that much used by a user. People these days know how to operate an android device and they don’t need voice narration to understand it.

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Can I Disable Text to Speech/ Talkback Permanently?

  • You can turn off the feature from the settings but you can enable it anytime. You can’t remove the feature totally from your device. This is a part of android device and remains in the accestibility setttings of your phone.

Can I enable google text to speech on Google keyboard?

  • Gboard has text to speech feature that allows a user to convert text to speech which is useful for a lot of user. People may not use talkback but they do use text to speech a lot.


We find a lot of features on our device pre-installed. It can be android, iOS, or any other operating system we are not going to use all of it. Some features can make our user experience bad also. It’s good to disable or turn off those features. Text to speech or talkback is one of them. Old Samsung users face this problem very much.

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