How to Unsend Message on Instagram(Mobile & Computer)

How to Unsend Message on Instagram(Mobile & Computer)

Instagram is a social media that we use for communication. It has a lot of ways to share our feelings and activities. We can send direct messages to anyone on Instagram. Sometimes we send a message to a person by mistake and we don’t want that person to see the message. Let’s know how to unsend a message on Instagram. If you DM someone on Instagram, it let you undo your action easily. You are able to undo the DM that you have sent to any person using mobile (android & ios) and a computer.

Removing a message on Instagram is a big concern for few people. Some of us are very careless on social media and send the wrong messages to the wrong person mistakenly. This can cause big harm to the person. Instagram gives a feature to unsend a message without them knowing. You can simply remove the message from anyone’s conversation anytime.

instagram notify when you unsend a message

All the other social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp has the feature to unsend message but these sites let the other person know that you have unsend a message. When you send a message to someone, he gets notified. He can read the message from the notification. If you remove the message, the notification will disappear and the person is not allowed to see the message you have sent.

Unsend Message on Instagram

Unsending a message on Instagram is possible using a computer or mobile device. We are going to show you both the processes for removing messages.

Mobile Device (Android & iOS)

Follow the steps below to unsend a DM on Instagram using any smart device.

  • Open instagram app. (You will get instagram on google play and iOS instaram app is also available).
  • Slide to left to see all the messages.
  • Go to the conversation from where you want to remove the message.
  • Tap and hold any message from any time.
  • You will see “Unsend” option there, tap on that.
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This will make the message disappear forever for you and the person as well. A message from years ago can also be removed from Instagram.

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Computer Device (Windows & Mac)

Instagram users also log in to their accounts on the computer device. Windows and Mac users have google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari on their computers. Let’s see how you are going to unsend messages using a web browser.

unsend instagram message without them knowing
  • Go to and login to your account.
  • Click on the message icon from the top right.
  • All the conversation will appear here.
  • Click on a persons conversation that you want to remove message from.
  • Now navigate to the message that you want to unsend from instagram.
  • You will see a three dot icon on hovering on the message.
  • Click on that and you will get the “unsend” message button.

All the web browser in desktop mode has the same method to apply the setting. You can navigate to any message you want from any conversation.


Can I restore deleted messages on Instagram?

  • No, once you remove a message from instagram it won’t come back. The message will be unavailable for both of those person.

Does Instagram send any notification on undoing messages?

  • No, Intagram don’t send any notificatoin on deleting or remoing messages. The recevier will not understand that you removed a message or ever sent one.
restore instgram message after deleting


An Instagram account can be accessed with any smart device and you will be able to unsend a message from any of them. Instagram tips and tricks are necessary for all users. Small tricks can make big changes to your experience.

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