10 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

10 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 mondoltech

Viewing photos on your windows computer is a common thing to do. We often do open photos on our computers for personal purposes or professional work. The default windows 10 photo viewer is not a good choice for that. “Photos” is the main image viewer app for your windows 10 which is really slow and not user-friendly at all. Today we are going to know about the 10 best photo viewer for windows 10 and other versions as well.

As we all want a minimal fast image viewer that has a lot of features, we don’t need to pay for that. Most of the photo viewer comes free of cost and serve a lot of cool features that default windows photo viewer don’t.

List of best photo viewer for windows 10

A lot of image opening and editing software/apps are available online but not all of them are good enough to be your default windows photo viewer. We choose best 10 of them so it would be easy for you to choose.


Nomacs is one of the tiniest photo viewer for windows 10. It’s performed really fast because of the lightweight. This photo viewer tool offers a lot of features despite being small in size. Basic editing like crop, zoom, color adjustment can be done with Nomacs very easily. The user interface of the app is similar to windows 10 photo viewer.

Download Nomacs

Free photo viewer windows 102. Irfan View

Irfan view is another great photo viewer tool for all the windows. It’s free to use so you don’t have to worry about money. It’s really simple to use and anyone with the least technical knowledge can use that app. Irfan view comes also comes with basic photo editing features. The main highlight of this photo viewer is that it’s very simple.

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Download Irfan View

3. PhotoScape

This one is not just an image viewer, it can also be a great photo editor for your windows computer. Photoscape is small in size and compatible with all the windows versions. If you don’t need ultra graphics editing for your photo, it can replace adobe photoshop and be the default editor for you. Photoscape allows you to make a collage, crop, dynamic zoom, and many more. That’s why it’s on the list of best photo viewer for windows 10.

Download PhotoScape

4. 123 Photo Viewer

This photo viewer has some special features that others don’t. Here are some things that can be done by 123 photo viewer

  • One Drive Support: You can backup and restore photos from Microsoft one drive using 123 photo viewer.
  • All File Formats: This photo viewer supports almost all the image/photo formats available.
  • Touch Screen Support: If you are using a touch screen laptop then you will be able to operate this photo viewer with touch also.

These are the reason that makes this photo viewer cool among all the other.

Download 123 Photo Viewer

5. Xlideit Image Viewer

This one also has the capability to show images at a good speed. Image editing options like crop, zoom, the color change are also possible with this editor. Like all the other photo viewers, it’s also very lightweight.

Download Xlideit Image Viewer

6.One Photo Viewer

Another photo viewer app that makes your photo viewing experience better. This one available on the Microsoft store and many use this app as their default photo viewer app. The benefit of using this app is you don’t need to install it from an unknown source. Microsoft store is trusted for any app on windows computer.

Download One Photo Viewer

7. PictureFlect Photo Viewer

Ultra simple and clean interface photo viewer that gives you a minimalistic experience. Zooming and cropping using this app are really simple so if your priority is cropping, you can go with this app without any hesitation.

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Download PictureFleet Photo Viewer

8. FastStone Image Viewer

If you want to view multiple images at one time, FastStone images viewer will be the best photo viewer for you. Controlling a lot of images at the same time using this editor is easy and simple.

Download FastStone Image Viewer

windows photo viewer microsoft

9. HoneyView

Honeyview is one of the popular photo editors that helps you to open photos of any format. Honeyview is a great choice for a default photo viewer on windows 10, windows 7 and windows 8 as well.

Download HoneyView

10. XnView 

This editor has a big 500+ image format which is really big. You can open any kind of photo using this viewer and also can perform simple edits using this editor. With cool feature and minimalistic design, it is one of the best photo viewer for windows 10

Download XnView

Why Not Windows “Photos”?

Windows provided “Photos” app takes a lot of time to load and the other features are also not available on this app. The user interface is not that exciting. The size of this app is also very large that’s why it slows down your windows 10 computer.

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