Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What About Sales After Services?

We will provide you support for every service you are taking from us. Small customizations and information are going to be free to our customers. Major works or service customization will be paid but at a minimal cost.

How Long Does It take To Create A Website?

There are different category of website available. Time count depends on your requirement for the website. As soon as you provide us the content and instructions, we will deliver you the website.

When To Pay Us?

We don’t demand anything before the job is done. We will charge you after the work is finished and you are satisfied with it. We focus on the quality of work over quantity. You will never get any hidden charge or any additional payment for any job. We will let you know about every payment and get an invoice for it.

How To Get Update Of The Job?

Our Support mail and contact number are always available for contact. You can connect with us using social media also. We try to respond instantly to any kind of query or service update. Visit our contact page for all the contact information.

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